Monday, July 26, 2010

Mr. Greene Goes To Washington

One day, I was reading through my Mom's Essence Magazine and I always enjoy reading about happenings in the Black community, you know, the things that mainstream media hardly covers. Then I was somehow instantly drawn to the story about a Black candidate that clinched the South Carolina Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate. I mean, as I read the article I found myself saying, "right on my brotha!" Because a Black Democrat of anything is always good. Still I knew nothing about this man, but it took less than 2 weeks for me to realize he was making national headlines because no one had heard of him! If you really think about it, this whole situation is like the movie "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington". For those who have never seen this classical 1930s movie, it's about a boy scout hero,  played by James Steward, who was voted into the senate with a surprise victory. When he got there he didn't know what he was doing, but his intentions were in the right place. Steward's time in the Senate went from confusing to all out crazy when he was accused of scandal.  (And I won't spoil the end for those who have never seen it)
Though I do live in Cleveland, Ohio this South Carolina election has kept me interested because ever since the 2008 presidential election, I found that I have this small interest in politics. Plus I want to pursue a career in journalism which would require me to know about what's going on in the world around me. So, you bet that I've been watching him closely as if I was a South Carolina resident trying to figure out whether or not I should vote for this guy.  Still, he is the first African American to be nominated for the U.S. senate by a major party in South Caroline since Reconstruction.
 Watching CNN, I got to learn a little bit more about him including the fact that he is an Army Veteran that is now unemployed after receiving an honorable but involuntary discharge in 2009. Knowing that did create some doubt within me, but I wasn't going to judge the guy because he can't help the situation that he's in. So finally, I got to hear his point of view on the issues when he spoke to one of the local NAACP chapters down there. Being an NAACPer myself at my Cleveland chapter, this drew my attention. As I listened further into his speech it seemed as if he doesn't exactly have a plan on how to execute the solutions he has put forth to bring jobs back to South Carolina, or as he said, "moving South Carolina forward".  Actually as I watched his speech, I saw his nervousness right away, but I won't hold that against him because I would of probably fainted if I was to have to speak in front of a big crowd of people.  He did have good ideas on how to bring jobs back to the state. For instance, I know that he said something about bringing fairness into the justice system, and re-implementing plans that were stopped after September 11th like improving transportation, but he neglected to mention HOW he was going to do these things. Yeah, it just seems as if he kind doesn't have a clear plan right now, but I won't deny the fact that he has good intentions at heart despite what the media is playing at. Plus, he did impress those people at the NAACP conference because a lot of skeptics decided to vote in his favor after the 7 mintue long speech. Who knows, maybe he is just what South Carolina needs, but I need a little more convincing to completely come out and say that I support him.
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