Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Token Negro: Part One

Recently, I saw a trailer with that boy that makes these highly popular Youtube videos where  he plays this guy named "Fred", and the thing that makes Fred different is that he has a squeaky voice.  I personally didn't see the point, but he's become HUGE!  He's done cameo appearances on iCarly, a pre-teen Nickelodeon show, he appeared on the Tyra Show, along with other Youtube stars, and now he's getting his own movie on Nickelodeon!  I'm proud of him, and I can't hate him for doing his thing, but I'm just angry at how many shows that Black people are left out of, or are very few in.  Throughout history, Blacks have not been included in anything in the film industry, unless they were playing stereotypical roles, and now that we have some sort of constitutional amendment backing us up, we still can hardly get any television roles!  Shoot, there were more Afrocentric television shows when I was little, or more shows that embraced diversity, but now, you hardly see an African American in the main cast, and if you do, there are only one of them: The Token Negro.
For those of you who don't know about the token Negro, let me tell you what it means: the token Negro is the one Black person they put in a TV show or other media, shows like "90210"and magazines like "Girl's Life", so we can't call them racist.    The token Negro also gets less air time in some cases.  This happens so often that a lot of us are use to it, but this just makes me so angry!  Then there are the shows with absolutely no Blacks at all in the main cast, and it's sad how many Blacks are disappearing out of media today, and sad how it is up to us to make our own TV shows so that we can get a descent more than 20 second appearance on television, and it is up to our magazines to have more than five Black models.  And it's funny how White people that do the dumbest things, like this guy, can get their own television shows, movies, endorsements, and camera time, while us Blacks barely ever get more than a few seconds of fame for doing something good.  Actually, the only time that Black people really get their chance to shine is when we're about to get arrested.  Sad face.  I just wished that the younger Black kids could see other girls or boys like them doing something right for a change, but now I guess since the mainstream is not buying, we will have to fend for ourselves here in America.

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