Friday, September 3, 2010

Black 2 School

It is too often that Black public schools are some of the worse in the country, and thanks to a book that my cousin refered to me, "Know Thy Self" by Naiam Ak'bar, I think I have to solution to the problem that we face in the urban school systems.
In Cleveland, our urban school system is horrid.  Glenville, Shaw, East Tech, etc. are all the big name schools in our area, but they don't seem to me the crown and glory that they once where when it was occupied by a prodominetly white student body.  But the greats such as the creators of Super Man attended Glenville, and Jesse Owens graduated from East Tech, but those glory days have been long over.  Due to all the violence, and the poverty rates in our area, schools like these just don't do well, and this is a sad fact, but the sad this is, we aren't the worse off.  I think that Detroit has the worst public school sytem in the nation with the below 70 percentile in most of the things that Cleveland at least get a decent score for!  Again, I accredit this to rising poverty and violence among the young people, and the scariest thing I heard on the Micheal Baisden show was that 70% of all the murders commited last year in the Black communtiy were against honor students, and the most notable is Derrion Albert from Chicago.  If you haven't seen the horrific video already, he was just on his way to school and was beaten to death by three gang members just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He was just 16 years old, and an honor student!  I was so horrified by this that the sun would not shine anymore, and the future of all Black kind seemed so dark.  Then when I actually saw apart of the video on Rahiem Davaughn's music video "Bulletproof", I couldn't sleep, and I added 15 pages tomy book in one night!  I even cried on my mother's shoulder because I was so shaken by this!  But I think that if we had better schools for our fellow brothas and sistahs then they wouldn't be acting so crazy!
Now I think that every prodominately Black school should have a system where they can be more educated by the accomplishments of their people so they know who their going to be, or what their destiny is going to be; with a more afrocentric education, they will really be able to have a better understanding of who there are and where they came from because only then will they know where they're going.  I have my mom and my school system to thank for who I am and what I have become because my mother made sure that I hade an understanding of my Black culture.  Being a graduate of Glenville herself, she had to research on her own about what she was and because of her inquiry, she helped to open up these doors for me that otherwise wouldn't of been open.  Plus I thank her for keeping me out of the public school system; she sent me to a catholic preschool, a muslim kindergarden, and a charty elementary, middle, and high school.  But I will give major props to my Muslim school (I'm not Muslim or any religion at that), and my elementary school because they taught me so much more about my African American culture than my high has.  The funny thing is though, my elementary school was run by a white man, but he made sure we sung the Negro National anthem at every assembly, we did different activities for Black history month, we got to learn a lot about our African cultures, and there were assmblies dedicated to our history and that's more than any girl can ask for.  The one downside to this theory is that not all of the students that were in my class went on the be the person that I am, but I guess that it is a life choice.  But when you get a child into knowing what their ancestors were, people such as Salem Poor or Frederick Douglass, and even President Obama, you will get them to open their eyes to the big picture: "That yeah, I can have money like all those rappers, but I can do it a different way."  "That gansta way of life isn't all that's out there, maybe I can go to college like W.E.B. Du Bois."  "Maybe I can make change happen like Martin Luther King Jr.." I can even be the next President like Obama."  This type of exposure will see new hieghts in what an African American can accomplish, and it will also change the perception of what a lot of people expect from a Black person.  So I'm hoping that someonw will read this and take the initiative and help our young Brothas and Sistahs see past this crazy mess that a lot of Hip Hop artists have going out so that maybe we will no longer have to suffer at the hands of our own people, and the American government, the one that promised us "Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness."

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