Friday, September 3, 2010

"Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere"-Martin Luther King Jr.

Recently, we have learned the Troy Davis will not be given a new trial to overturn his death sentence, and this is a huge blow to my heart because as a member of the NAACP, I personally saw the process of getting signatures, and signed a few things myself!  But I guess the judge was so angry that the people that were working on the case didn't let the only two witnesses from the case not to recant their testimony didn't ask them to come back, that he decided that he would not give the poor man another trial.
I don't know the specifics on this case, but what I do know is that Troy Davis was sentenced to death over a decade ago for the murder of a white police officer.  During the trial, nine witnesses were called to the stand to speak out against him, and not too long before his scheduled execution, seven of them, (yes 7!) took back their statements and blaming the police department for threatening them into testifying!  So the NAACP started their own campaign called "I Am Troy" where they sent out petitions to help get Troy Davis an appeal for a new trail, and I was happy to pass the paper around at our annual Youth Leadership Luncheon.  Also at the national convention in New York City back in 2009, Troy Davis' very intellegent nephew spoke at one of our luncheons, and I empathized with that little boy so much.  But I was over joyed when I learned that Troy Davis was going to get a new trial, but my rejoyce was then cut short when I learned that he would remain on death row.
Now here is my perspective, I believe that without a doubt that Mr. Troy Davis is innocent, and the only reason why he is serving this death sentence was because he is a Black man, and the man that was killed was a White man.  Now I'm not saying that all the Black men are innocent when accused of killing a White cop because here in Ohio, a white cop was shot in the head by a Black man who claimed that it was in self defense, but how can you shot a man in the head and say that you were protecting yourself?  That's just cold blooded.  Then there are the cases that pop up too often where an innocent Black man is cheated by the justice system that was created to protect ALL men.  Shoot, I saw a White man who brutally killed a Black person and did unspeakable things to the body and he got off!  What type of justice is that?
Before this, I use to believe that anyone who killed someone deserved to get the death penalty, but now I see how often innocent people are sentenced to die for crimes they do not commit, and this happens more so to minorities in my opinion.  This heartbreaking reality is the reason why I am no longer a supporter of the death penalty in any part of America, and I hope that one day we will abolish this system of punishment in the justice system of America because Troy Davis should not be awaiting his execution, he should be home with  his family like other innocent death row inmates.

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