Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bulletproof Part 2: The Decision

The buzz for the past week in Cleveland has been about the sudden retirement of Dr. Eugene Sanders, whom is the CEO of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  At first he tried to play it off as if he was actually retiring from working to be some "sunday school teacher", but we soon got conformation that he has decided to "take his 'talents' (what ever those are) to Bowling Green State University".
Ugh!  For those who do not live in Cleveland, you don't know how bad the public school system is.  I am thankful that my mother kept me out of that school system, but it needs a looooootttttt of work done to it!
A couple years ago, I was actually delighted and optimistic about the appointment of Dr. Sanders.  He was actually doing a pretty good job as he implemented dress codes for the public schools, but recently he had taken a lot of heat for his transformation plan.  Now this plan involved the closing of some failing schools, and those students would have to attend another one of the other horrid public schools.  This plan was suppose to help boast up the overall score of the Cleveland Schools, but I don't see anything different.  Shoot, the only difference is that there are a lot more kids at Glenville and East Tech than usual.
Over the weekend I was shocked to see that he has decided to retire just out of nowhere when his transformation plan was just getting off the ground and it's the middle of the school year! ,but my first suspicions were that he had found another job.   When questioned about his intentions though, he denied looking for another job saying that he was just going to be a sunday school teacher at his church,  but it was soon learned that he was 1 of 25 in the running to be the new president of Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.  (I feel bad for that school if they give him the job.)
He's been all over the news here in Cleveland, and a lot of people are really angry toward his decision, including me!  I mean, Cleveland schools are so horrible it's no wonder why so many youth are getting into the wrong things!  We need a CEO that truly cares about the future of the youth and will do anything in his/her power to fix our schools so we can see more inner city students going to college!  I mean, we're really on the verge of being as bad as Detroit!  But, in a way, this is a good thing because this will give someone more capable a chance to fix this dreadful school system, but it's bad how he just left to take another job when there is so much that needs to be done right here in Cleveland!  It goes to show you his "dedication" to our youth.
So, whatever Sanders! Leave!  But you should not be getting paid for the 4 years you had left on your contract, and they would of been a waste anyway!

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