Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bulletproof: Part Three

An Akron, Ohio woman, Kelley Williams-Bolar, was arrested for changing the address on her daughters' information so that they can go to a better school.  In turn, she was arrested and charged with 2 counts of tampering with court records, which are felonies, and were sentenced to 10 days in jail.  Now this woman will have this blemish on her record that will never be able to be removed unless we can get justice for her.
Like a lot of African Americans, she lives in a very impoverished neighborhood where the school system is terrible, and to make it worse, her house had been broken into 12 times!  Her father, Edward L Williams, lived in the suburbs and her two daughters stayed with him a lot because he was fearful for their safety, and he declared that they practically lived there.   So she was trying to get them a good education at any means necessary.
You don't have to be Black to want your kids to get a good education, and you definitely don't have to be Black to struggle.  Still, one thing unique about the Black experience is that there are many things that hold us back, which do include race, and there definitely are more of us that are poor and that's a fact!  Most inner-city public schools do not provide the same quality education as public schools in the suburbs, and the crazy thing is, they are the same types of schools!  So what else do we have?  A lot of Black people can't afford to live in the suburbs where the grass is green, the parks and neighborhoods are relatively safe, and the opportunities are endless.  And so many people wonder why our Black twelfth graders are reading at the level of a white eighth grader.  We don't have the man power to speak out against all of the things that are holding our inner city neighborhoods back, and that is a key factor to why they look the way they do.  We need more people to speak up about what's going on because if you haven't noticed, our neighborhoods are more polluted than others, why? Because they know we won't say anything about it!  The white people in the suburbs have a means to speak their minds about whatever comes into their neighborhoods, why can't we?!
Also, we NEED help from politicians, which takes us back into the politics vs. morals discussion.  I was watching Washington Watch this morning, and Roland Martin had a panel of four educated Blacks that knew their politics, and it was interesting to hear their point of views.  There was a woman on the panel that helped me to be able to elaborate on the politics vs. morals discussion because what she said helped me to get a better idea on that perspective.  Now, she said that many politicians are so worried that they won't be re-elected that they are afraid to take a stand on what they think is morally right.  She also discussed the idea that we should give our politicians two years to prove themselves, or they will not be re-elected.
There are 100 voting members in the House, so I can't keep up with all of them, but a good percent of them are not worthy of their seat.  How can you swear to vote by the American people when you are afraid to do something about the school systems?  Then you're presence in the House and your political career is just a waste of time!  We need tougher politicians that is willing to risk politics in order to satisfy what is morally right because unless we do so, no matter how many times you get elected, there is still going to be a struggle.  There is still going to be Black on Black violence, there is still going to be Tucson, Arizona shootings, there is still going to be poverty, there is still going to be horrible inner-city education systems, and there is still going to be desperate people like Ms. Williams who are willing to risk everything to provide the best for their children, and that takes a lot more courage than many politicians do not posses.
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