Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bulletproof: Part 4

The picture is kind of blurry, but  the actions of this young man speaks louder than the clarity of the picture.  Sadly, Black History Month has begun with the death of a young person that was only out to do the right thing.  This death hits close to home because this happened in my home state at a college that is pretty well known in Cleveland and across Ohio.
Jamail Johnson was attending a party at a Frat house, and two other guys were causing trouble and were kicked out so they decided to go load some guns and return to the party.  When they arrived they began shooting into the crowd, and Jamail ran for them, which left him open to being shot in the chest.  His bravery may have cost his young life, but he saved countless others. 
Jamail was the only one to die in the shooting, and the gunmen were detained.  Still, this Youngstown State senior had his whole life ahead of him, and he was just about to recieve his degree and become something great when that was all taken away by some ignorant brothas that were mad that they were kicked out of a party.
Events such as this are things that break my heart because these college students were doing things that too many Black students don't do, and even the young brothas and sistahs are trying to get their lives together are not bulletproof from these types of attrocious crimes.  I believe it was last year when a young woman attending Seton Hall University  was shot and killed, and not too long ago, a young man also attending Seton Hall was shot while visiting his mother.  Thankfully, this young basketball player survived his injuries to graduate, but he will definitely be out for the season because he had another injury he was recovering from before he got shot. . .god bless him.
There are probably many more that I'm missing, but this is all too common!  Violence only leads to more violence,  and if our college students aren't save, how are we?  I will be attending college in the fall because I want to make a huge impact in this world because I KNOW that I am capable of doing great things, and it pains me that there are college students who don't see the light.  For example, I visited Clark Atlanta University during spring break last year and that school was horrible!  Booty short paradise for the guys, and ignorant n-words roam that campus not knowing why they went to college in the first place!  I was so disappointed to learn that HBCUs aren't what they use to be.  It was also sad because great people walked those very grounds and it seems as if this new generation of college students don't know or care to appreciate that history!  This is why Black History Month will forever have importance in our society, and no matter how you think you're too old to be learning about your culture, the relevance of our history will never go away!  Those two misguided young men that shot Jamil could of saw the light if they cared to learn or if they were properly educated.  From what I hear about Jamil, I believe that he saw the light.
Don't get me wrong, there are young Black people that understand the importance of Black History Month, and those young people are going to be something great in life unlike those who are clueless and ignorant.  Now, if you don't have access to information about your culture like so many other urban city youth, that's a whole different argument, but if you have all the materials there and you just choose not to learn about them because you are ignorant, then I feel really sorry for you.  We can only bring about unity with a better self-education.  So PEACE!  I really don't want to write another bulletproof post, but I will when something else comes up.

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