Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bulletproof! Part Five

Before I put governor kasiach (don't care how you spell it to be honest) on blast, let me just say this.  I AM TIRED!  I AM VERY TIRED! Why can't we live without being shot?!  PLEASE TELL ME WHY!
The young girl above is Brianna Hines.  Here in Cleveland, while she was on her couch on her laptop, she was shot in the head when four guns shots were shot into her home.  Right now, she is in critical condition at the hospital.  Not only was this thirteen year old girl shot in the head, but she was shot by a twenty-four year old man, and possibly his girlfriend, whom are now in custody.  With all my heart, I hope that this girl survives because she probably isn't in high school yet, and she's got a lot of life to live.  There is so much that this young sistah can be and it will be just a total loss if she doesn't get to fulfill her dreams because of the growing violence in the Black community.
There is something that I would like to point out here: isn't it sad that where many Black people live, gunshots are as common as day turns to night?  I hear gunshots from my house almost every night, and sometimes I can't even sit at the computer because I'm afraid that something might come in through my window, and I can't stand living like this!  I can't stand, with all my heart, my fellow brothas and sistahs living like this, and there is something that needs to be done!  It is time to take back the streets of Cleveland!  Actually, while the world is worrying about what Charlie Sheen is doing next, all of us living in the ghettos are worried about whether or not we're going to get shot like many others.
Another sad thing is, the young brothas and sistahs that commit crimes of this magnitude could of been something great to this nation.  They could of grown to be inspirational leaders that are adding something positive to the community rather than adding to the problem!  But I am just tired!  Things like this consume me to the inner most core of my soul, and I can't deny the pain that I feel when another one of my young Black folk are taken down by violence.  I never met this girl, but I know that she is a fellow human, a fellow American, and a fellow Black American; all of these are enough to make me feel some sort of compassion.  I hate it when things like this happen, and I feel as if I did nothing to help with its prevention.  I try to tell myself that there is really nothing I can do, but I know there IS something that I can do to help prevent things like this, but I have to take little steps at a time to get there.  So again, we need to talk to our mayors, Frank Jackson in Cleveland, the governor, as if he would care, and the President of the United States!  It is sad how so many inner city youth don't know who represents them, and the other public officials that can help them make change happen, and it is time that we educate!  Everyone reading this, please educate as many people as you can! because KNOWLEDGE is power, and education is one of the key ingredients to prevent us from living like we're bulletproof because too many of our youth are falling pray to violence each and every day.  I try to educate through my writing, but I am not yet a published author, so my empowerment to my community is very little.  This blog is my only outlet to the community, and I'm hoping that as many people read this as possible so that we all can have a hand at lowering the rising violence rates in the Black community.

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