Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Blasting of John Kasich

Evil! Evil! Evil!  The Republicans have done it again!  I haven't been following that bill as I should of been, but even the naked eye can see that it WILL hurt the middle and lower classes!  What I want to know is, do you think that you're god?!  What in your right mind made you think that you could take away our rights?!
See, there is one thing that I hate/dislike about many politcians, Republicans like John Kasich, they do not empathize with the people!  They can never sit down and say, "how could this affect me if I was in their situation?"
In Ohio, Kasich is probably more hated than LeBron ever was, and that is sad becaue he just got here.  Actually, his approval rating is 37%, and is getting lower by the second.  Now, here is the problem I have with this guy.
All right, I understand that Ohio is in a 8 million, or billion dollar deficiet, and that is something that needs to be dealt with, no doubt about it.  But, it is very unrealistic to try to come up with a plan that will make that money disappear over night, and it is immoral to take away the rights of the people to get there!  I am merely a high school senior and I already know that Kasich is going to mean destruction to Ohioans.  He doesn't care about what the citizens voted for, and he doesn't care about our situation and he needs to be outta here!
The one thing that I find the most disturbing is the fact that he is taking away a lot of state funding to the public school system, if not all of it, and that is really going to have a negative impact on the Black community of Cleveland.  Without money, they will not be able to apply the proper education needed to keep the children of the ghettos from falling prey to poverty, and violence.  American society wants to weaken the Black community, and without a proper education, they cannot see that they are being weakened on a daily basis in many ways.  The Cleveland school system is already one of the worst in the nation, and now that they are going to lay a lot of teachers off, they are going to cut a lot of activities that would normally keep a lot of students off the street by doing something productive with their lives!  I despise John Kasich, and I foreseen his meaningless destruction the first time I saw his corney election commercials.
Now, if I met this man, I would just want to sit him down and ask him this question.  Now, I won't be ignorant about it because I'm dead serious, especially when it comes to the welfare of my people.  I would ask him:
"Mr. Kasich, I bet your children, if you have any, go to one of the best schools, don't they?  And I bet that you would never want to send them to an inner city public school.  If you haven't noticed, inner city public schools barely have the means to provide a decent education for their students, and that's why the dropout rate is so high.  Now, here is some serious questions that I want you to answer with complete honesty.  All right, how would you feel if your children were going to a school, someplace like an inner city public school, and all of a sudden, you are being told that a lot of money would be cut, and your children would not have enough after school activities to give them that outlet they need for their creativity?  How would you feel if that school did not have enough money to provide them with enough educational opportunities to get into college? How would you feel if you didn't have a car and your children had to walk to school in a neighborhood riddled with drug dealers and gang bangers because the school didn't have the money to provide school buses?  How would you feel if that school didn't have enough money to provide books, laboratory equipment, and basic supplies?  Most importantly, how would you feel if your children came home crying to you every week because one their classmates were killed due to a meaningless act of violence? Well, if you can't answer these questions, you must know that youth living in the urban cities go through this everyday!  So, taking money from the already crappy school system would only make matters worse, well, unless you want it to happen that way..." Then I would walk out the room and let him sit and think about that!  I apologize if it seems that I am not thinking about the public schools in the suburbs, but there is something that I have to say: I don't live in the suburbs, never have, and I can't speak about what those students go through and how the budget cuts would affect them.  What I do know is that cutting money from  education is a universally immoral law!

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