Friday, June 24, 2011

A Man Was Lynched Yesterday!

From left to right: 1925, 2010
In December 2010, according to The Crisis, Frederick Jermaine Carter was painting a building with his stepfather in Greenwood, Mississippi.  After a while, his stepfather briefly left to retrieve some tools, and once he returned he discovered that Fred was gone.  Then two days later, his body was found hanging from a tree like strange fruit!
Before I go into the case a little bit deeper, I want to know, how come I'm just hearing about this now?!  I watch the news just about everyday because as an aspiring journalist, I feel it is my duty to know what is going on in the world, but I don't remember anyone at our local news stations mentioning this!  How come when a Black person is a victim, you rarely hear about it on the news?  I mean I pray that all the people that go missing are found safely, but you never hear Black people going missing!  They act like Black people just get shot or get beat to death, but they don't go missing like the White people.  In this country, we have the power of freedom of the press!  How come it's only the Black newspapers and magazines talking about the problems in the Black community?
Anyhow, it is reported that as soon as the Sheriff arrived on the seen, he ruled it a suicide, and the coroner followed suit.  Now what I have learned by reading different articles on the case, is that the coroners are elected into the office and don't necessarily have to have a degree.  So it would be very easy for the racist White establishment to interject their peers into that particular position, as to others.  So, it would be fair to say that due to the color of the victim's skin, they could have been very bias.
"If you look at the height of the tree limb", says Wendol Lee, president of the Memphis-based Operation Help Civil Rights Group, "there's no way Mr. Carter could have hung himself up there - even if he supposedly used a table frame." (Stephen, 47)
Most Black people in that community do not believe that Carter committed suicide, even though the family did confess that Carter did have a mental illness and a history of occasionally drifting away from home.  On the other hand, a friend and mayor of Sunflower, Mississippi, Michael Pembleton Jr. adds, "...He had a lot of plans and a lot to live for." (Stephen, 47)
Carter was originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, but he moved to Sunflower, Miss to live with his mother and two sisters.  His family highly doubts that he would wander off miles away from home to a place that has been known to be hostile with Blacks.  In fact, it was only twelve miles away where the body of Emmet Till was found in Money, Miss back in 1954!
This lynching has proven to America that we are not yet rid of the race problem!  Actually, we still are dealing with the same happenings in which many Black civil rights organizations have been formed such as the NAACP, The Urban League, and the SCLC.  This is why these organizations are here!  Too many Black people are too comfortable with these newly received rights that have come to us after the toils of our ancestors in the Civil Rights Movement and beyond; people are so comfortable that they forget that even the rights we supposedly have now, we still HAVE to fight for!  Too many of us are not aware at the daily injustices that keep the NAACP alive and well.  Not too long ago, a white teacher in Columbus, OH had a fake slave auction where he, or she, auctioned off a young Black student--the only Black student in the class!  Too many of us don't realize that many people that move into predominately White communities are terrorized, probably not to the extent of Ossian Sweet, but terrorized at that.   Too many Black people don't realize that Black people are being murdered for exercising the rights we should have had as soon as we stepped foot on American soil!  And who knows, Frederick could have been exercising his rights when he died.  Most importantly, too many Black people don't realize that our government is still not protecting us as they said they would with the 15th amendment, 14th amendment, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, etc!  There are so many systematic things that this country does to weaken the minority, especially Black people and even after we got a Black president, whom has astonishingly, but not surprisingly received more threats than Abraham Lincoln himself, there still is a lot more fighting to do!  It is now 2011, and we have not come close to unifying to advance our people, and it's about time that we did because we will keep growing weaker and weaker because of the injustice we face with the government and I know that this is hard to believe, but WE ARE STILL NOT YET FREE!  And the lynching of Frederick Jermaine Carter proves this!  Why would a man hang himself from a tree like that?  Usually, and I'm no psychologist by all means, people that are about to commit suicide are in an unstable state and a lot of them don't kill themselves out in the open like that.  And to assume that this was suicide right on the scene?  If you look at the picture of his body, you'd agree that this was not Carter's doing!  Actually, there was a second autopsy done that proved that this was indeed a hanging!  What to do now? Find out who did this!  I am a proud member of the NAACP and I hope that we have another Medgar Evers out there that will pursue this case!  To check out a pick of the body, and to get FACTUAL details about the case, click the following link:
Frederick Jermaine Carter Hanging Death
Meanwhile, please join any local organization, such as a local NAACP chapter,  that is passionate about civil rights because for some reason, membership is still low.  But how are any of us going to complain about injustice when we are not even involved and making ourselves aware of the problems we face as Black people today in this new millennium?!

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