Sunday, July 31, 2011

Black On Black...Criticism

Recently, the great singer, actor, and civil rights activist, Harry Belafonte became one of the many Black people to openly express their disappointment in Barack Obama.  Now, though he has a right to do this, he must also understand many other things that come with being the first Black president of a country that has never faced the fact that it has failed to uphold the rights in it's constitution for ALL of it's citizens!
On Thursday, Mr. Harry Belafonte spoke with CNN to not only promote his up and coming documentary, but to criticize the president.  And here is his exact wording:

“There has never been such a void in moral truth as it now exists,” Belafonte said. “And what the expectation has been for many of us was that Barack Obama would bring to the table a great sense of moral fortitude. I think were he to apply that in the decisions that he would have to make, he would find that his presidency might touch on a level of greatness that he has not yet considered.”
He added, "He [Obama] has only listened to the voices that shout the loudest, and it’s all those reckless right-wing forces. It’s almost criminal.”
 President Barack Obama's election in 2008 seemed to be the medicine the nation had been looking for after eight years of dealing with the incompetent George W Bush.  Then as soon as he got into office many people had the mistaken idea that the economic crisis would disappear over night.  Now how can something so complex disappear over night when it took EIGHT years to create?!  And since President Obama is the first Black president, he has had to face many ordeals that most presidents haven't had to endure since the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.  Actually, it would be pretty accurate to say that Barack Obama is the modern version of Mr. Lincoln.  See, even though he has the fortune of not having to deal with a Civil War, at every turn and at every corner, there are brick walls.  Many of his fellow constituents have purposely disagreed with the president on everything!  They even made a fuss when he left the white house to go see a play!  There are tons and tons of videos of Bush golfing and uttering the most ridiculous things, and nobody made a huge deal about that!
All in all, the Republicans have been looking for President Obama to fail since day one, and they are making sure that he is not getting the job done.  So I don't think that it would be fair to say that you think that he is not doing the best he can when in fact, he is!  I've only been on this Earth for almost eighteen years, and I have not been able to see a lot of previous presidents, but what I do know is that I have never seen someone campaign so hard while they were still president!  President Obama travels around the country to promote his policies, and it's refreshing to see something like that.  He reminds me so much of the presidents from wayy back in the day!
Now what I don't understand is why these people don't want to work with him!  We are living in a very complex economical crisis and now isn't the time for us to be going against each other; now is the time for us to be working together so that we may get out of this crisis.  But that doesn't seem to be happening, and so many people are losing faith in him, when they should be losing faith in the people that are working against him!  I know it's hard to work together once in a while, but right now, WE NEED TO MORE THAN EVER!  And being the first Black president is harder than it looks.  (Many of the white television anchors won't even call him "President" Obama!)  So my Black brothas and sistahs, don't lose faith in him because he's no exception to the injustice that comes with being Black.

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