Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fight The Power!

I know that I'm kinda late on this, but I just HAD to post this story because it is a true testimony to how powerful the People can be when they organize for something positive!  In the picture above, I parralled the March On Washington, as well as the 1968 strike in Memphis, Tennessee for sanitation workers with the 2011 struggle for collective bargaining rights--in Ohio particularly.
These Republicans kill me with their whole persona that involves bringing jobs to the People, and as soon as they get into office, they take jobs away to keep from "spending" too much money!  Now not only did they do that in 2011, but they also decided to take away our rights, specifically the right for union workers to go on strike when they feel that their employers are being unjust!
Isn't this why we founded the United States of America?  Isn't it true that Europeans came over from England because the English empire was being inhumane and immoral?  Isn't it true that the American Revolutionary War, which was fought by many Europeans and African Americans happened?  Wasn't  the Bill Of Rights written so that Americans could posses the rights that they were denied in Britain, which include "Freedom of Assembly" and "Freedom to Petition"?  
This nation that we all call the United State of America is a very hypocritcal nation that has yet to own up to it's mistakes!  The politicians may tell us that they think slavery is one of the biggest mistakes in American history; they may tell us that they are sorry about denying Black people, as well as other minorities, the right to vote; they may tell us that despite what a lot of racists said in the past, they believe that Martin Luther King Jr is one of the greatest leaders that this nation has ever seen; but what they are not saying is that what they are doing now is putting money and politics before morals!  There is so much money involved in politics that many politicians forget what they were put in office to do, and what this government was founded to do, and that is to SERVE THE PEOPLE!  But how can you serve the People when you can't empathize with the People?
During the last election for the governor of Ohio, there was so much more hype behind the Kasich campaign because people were so unhappy with President Obama that many democrats were losing support.  And even when they were airing those ridiculous commercials, I knew that a Republican governor would mean trouble and injustice.  Unfortunately, I wasn't and still am not of voting age so I couldn't of did very much seeing as though I didn't have the resources to help rally behind Governor Strickland.  Anyhow, when Kasich won the election he had this whole promise about eliminating the Ohio deficiet and bring jobs back to Ohio, which is a good start, but it gets bad when you take away the rights of the People in the process! 
Senate Bill 5 (SB 5) is a bill that the new governor proposed that would take away collective bargaining rights from many public workers, as well as their right to strike.  The only rights the bill didn't take away were the workers' right to bargain wages and certain working conditions.  When I first heard about this bill, I couldn't believe that Kasich had the nerve to propose something so ridiculous and immoral!  But I also found it humorous because I bet the people that voted for him felt real dumb, and I hope they feel as such.  I was disappointed at the low voter turn out that we had experienced last year, and I hoped that this event would prompt something in the morale of the People the next time around.
Anyhow, I wanted the governor to be impeached, and I would be the first one to sign if I could have had the chance!  Then not too long after the governor announced his evil plan, the People rallied and demonstrated all across the state!  There were so many teachers, policemen, firemen, among other workers in Columbus!  I just wished I could have been there to help in some way!  Then the bill had to go through a few stages to become ratified.  It had to receive a majority vote in the Ohio House, and the Senate.  The People were on end hoping and praying that this bill would be passed, and to our dismay, it was!  Many local governments would lose money, and Cleveland Mayor, Frank Jackson, was openly opposed and had to cut from the police force, among other things!  I was hopelessly dreading what the future would hold for Ohio, and that's when I realized that the People had the Power to get this bill on the ballot!  So there were petitions going around all over the place, and I had even gotten my mother to sign one from the NAACP!  Then about a month later I learn that the People have four times the signatures to get the bill on the ballot! 4 TIMES!  I can't explain how proud I was of the people in this generation!  So much so that I was instantly reminded of the words of Fred Hampton, as well as many other Black Panthers from the 60's, "Power to the People!"  We the People are what made this government, and for those who have forgotten, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, were ordinary men that just happened to do some very astonishing things and leaped over large walls to become the founding fathers of this country!  We the People are America and we have the Power to control our destiny and as long as we don't lose sight of that power, and as long as we mobilize together for a common and positive purpose, everything will work out. 

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