Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bulletproof Part 6, Morals vs. Politics 4: Strange Fruit

all power to the People my brothas and sistahs.

America?  I just don't understand this country!  I don't even want to claim this country because it functions mainly on injustice rather than Democracy!  And to be honest, I don't believe that there is any place in this world where Democracy truly exists and I am sad to admit that I have officially lost faith in the American "justice system".  If there was any faith to have in it at all, but because of this whole Troy Davis ordeal, I believe that I have finally come to the conclusion that the death penalty is wrong, and needs to be abolished immediately!
       Onto Troy Davis, the first thing we have to remember is that the Troy Davis case is not JUST a Black problem, but moreover, it is an American problem!  It is a problem that we have to fix in America, and it is a problem that America swore they were to prevent, but then again you realize that capital punishment was carried over from British traditions, but weren't the so called "Forefathers" of this country trying to separate itself from Britain? Back to America though, it is immoral American ideology that made it all right for the government of this country to take someone's life, even if he's innocent!  It is immoral American ideology that makes it okay for the police of this country to put power before morality, and for the politicians, and I know that I say this over and over again, do the same thing by putting politics over morality!  Now what we have to realize is that this is not a Democracy!  Democracy is not supposed to allow injustice to prevail over justice, righteousness, and human rights!
      The next thing to remember, which is the most important, is that we are the People! You know, it's funny how many dignitaries forget that the People fought for this country, it was created by the People, and to serve the People; not to change the society created by the People into this immoral political machine!  These politicians seem to be too afraid to take a stand against injustice such as discrimination, poverty, and racism for fear of not getting re-elected!  What happened to those politicians that were not afraid to stand with and touch the People?  The fancy conventions and town hall meetings are all right, nothing new, but what about coming out into the streets where the American people are so that you can better understand our trials and tribulations, our struggles?  Oh, they don't do that that's for sure!  They think they know what's right for us when in reality that really don't know because they haven't taken time out of their days from enjoying all the money they make from being an elected official,  to see what the People see, to in a sense be the People because once you get elected into that office, you are no longer among the People because you start to forget about American citizens and about humane values!  And that is so crazy that we the People can't have our say because it's so rare that they listen to us!
      Now you have to remember that this here is a Black problem for it is a legal lynching!  And not too long ago, I stumbled upon two Malcolm X quotes that work great for this situation.  The first one that made me passionately nod my head was when he said "I live in a society for who's social system is based on the castration of the Black man, for who's political system is based on the castration of the Black man, and who's economic system is based on the castration of the Black man...No matter how many bills passed, Black people in that country where I'm from [AMERICA], still our lives aren't worth two cents..."  It's so sad how true that is!  Troy Davis had the misfortune of not only being accused of killing a white man, but a white cop!  Now when you have cases in which a white cop is either killed or injured, your chances of cruel and unusual punishment heighten!   Then you also need to consider the color and ethnicity of the alleged gunman, and if his skin is the same color of the white cop, then he will most likely get at the most life in prison without parole, but if your skin happens to be Black?...You A DEAD MAN!  Most of the time, Blacks accused of killing a white cop get convicted and in most cases, executed, and in the case of Troy Davis, there is also the situation in which the police have no idea who has done it for sure, but their way of "justice" is to find the first Black person they see so that they may give that white family their "justice" as soon as possible.  Oh my goodness, I've really had to stop myself from saying bad words about the McPhail family, but they really disgusted me on how adamant they were on this man dying!  Then the one woman in the McPhail family had the nerve to cry about how much they've been through, but what the hell do they think Troy has been through?!  Troy has been close to death so many times, it's a wonder how he never went insane!  But of course, they really didn't want to believe in the evidence that the police department used illegal tactics to get people to testify against Troy!  Wouldn't you at least be curious to know if the real killer is out there somewhere?  And most importantly, how is killing someone, let alone an innocent person, going to bring about "justice"?!  So thanks to the McPhail family, whom I can't bring myself to feel sympathy for, I hate the death penalty and I want it to be abolished! I will be working toward that goal for as long as I can, and I can't wait for the day when we prove to the McPhail family that Troy is innocent and make them look real stupid!  Shoot, we'll make America look real stupid!
      Lastly, America will have to look forward to a changed Blackness!  See, I've noticed in the past few days that I have become a little bit more radical, even though I still do love Dr. King but Malcolm X is kind of starting to sound a lot more appealing than usual!  Then when I learned that they were still going to go on with the execution of Troy Davis, I decided that it was about time that I not play the part of a Black Panther, but to in a way be a Black Panther!  So just like H. Rap Brown said, "we stand on the eve of a Black revolution brothas.  Masses of our People are in the streets...The rebellion that we see are merely rehearsals for the revolution that is to come..."  I woke up this morning seeing America through a different lens and I can't help but to feel so much resentment toward a country that I formally held so dear.  I knew things like this existed, but watching it first hand is a whole different thing.  I am very proud of my Howard University classmates for marching for Troy because we All are Troy Davis!  And this means that we all need to fight this system together, and I don't have any resentment toward all white people because there were some white people that marched with us yesterday but still, Black nationalism, depending on your definition of it, doesn't seem that bad to be honest.  Sad that I lost so much faith in this country that I've changed my political and social views, shoot, I don't even know what to say about Obama!  But what I will say to the American public is this final quote that I take from Malcolm X: "...Where anytime you live in a society supposedly based upon law and it doesn't support its own laws because the color of your skin happens to be 'wrong', then I say those people happen to be justified to resort to any means necessary to bring about justice where the government can't give them justice..."

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